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What is Netable?
Netable is an exciting, new, intuitive and educational touch screen product incorporated in to an over bed table with easy to use software for seniors. This product uses proprietary software especially developed for patients in carehomes, hospitals, daycare centres, schools and centres for Autistic learning.

How does it work?
Netable allows users to access a wide range of software and the Internet.
Netable is a 22inch touch screen computer incorporated into an over bed table touch screen clients to use it from the comfort of their bed, a common room or from their lounge. It can be used with ease by wheelchair users with excellent access.
The over bed table is a tried and trusted product which has a height range from 72cm to 116cm.
Netable is mobile on 4 sturdy wheels

What can Netable do?

Our own proprietary software allows quick and effective learning programs for senior citizens as well as being a great introduction to the Internet as well as providing an effective means of communication between the user and their family using a webcamera system. This is a great way to keep in touch with loved ones as well as with staff.

Netable also has an entertainment module which can include Internet Radio, TV, mind stimulating games, music, quizzes and access to online Encyclopaedias

Netable can also incorporate photo albums, videos and recordings

Netable can have a communication module which can be linked directly to a carer or a member of the nursing staff who can assist in the first instance. The communication module can complement existing patient alarm systems.

Netable can also incorporate an e-reader application for your favourite books

Netable can be linked to the many activities that nursing home residents have as well as being used as a reminder function for medicines etc

Netable software can be adapted to suit the needs of your carehome, nursing home, hospital to provide the best solution.

Highly adaptable to the needs of each individual client
Highly stable
Large visual icons
Can be also used for dining
Great mobility on 4 sturdy wheels
Tried and tested mechanism
Easy to clean and waterproof surface
Wifi capable
Savings in staff time
Improving the quality of life of seniors
Improvement in technological skills
Simple support options



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