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Exbydo - office furniture, hospital furniture, office chais

You ask, we answer!

Do you produce wooden furniture?

Our company manufactures laminated chipboard furniture on which only ABS edges are used. You can choose the finish design from 12 types of finishes (birch, beech, alder, cherry, walnut, beech tyrol, aliminium, jasmin, light grey, white, blue, orange). There are 4 types of  finishes for  worktop surfaces (white, beech, casablanca, tourmaline) and two types metal finishes (aluminium and black). Screens are padded with fabrics in five colors (orange, red, pastel green, sea green, royal blue).

Will you deliver my furniture within ten days?

Our production range consists of "in-stock" (furniture lines Panel System, on-line, Unitable). In-stock furniture is ready for delivery.

Our standard delivery term for tylor-made furniture is 3 weeks from receiving the order at the latest. However, we attempt to meet our customers’ demands and therefore we are confident we can agree on a date of delivery mutually acceptable for both parties.

I would like to furnish an office but I do not understand furniture at all? How can you help me?

Our customer service is provided free of charge. As a part of our customer service we can create a 3D proposal based on your requirements. We need just a groundplan of the room. Alternatively, our representative will measure your room, advise you on the choice of furniture range and will propose the optimum solution for your future office. In this way we will spare you from worries and save you time.

Do you have any cheaper range of office chairs in your offer?

We can offer a wide range of chairs. The range of the most popular or most often sold chairs can be found on our web pages. On the other hand, we would like to advise you not to economise on an office chair. Remember that an investment in a chair on which you may spend as much as 8 hours a day is also an investment in your health. This can be confirmed by your doctor. Apart from chairs we can also supply you with other complementary accessories such as flooring, Venetian blinds, coat hangers, etc.

You can find special prices for chairs on our web site, too.

There is no table/desk featured in your catalogue that would suit my room/office. Can you also manufacture custom-made furniture?
The production of atypical items is not a problem for us. Simply suggest what table or desk you need and we will manufacture it for you according to your specification.

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